Sookha Kala Chana Masala

Sookha Kala Chana Masala My favorite month is coming to an end this week. My mom performs varalakshmi vraatham (Lakshmi puja) every sravana masam and after marraige I have also started to do the puja. Varalakshmi Vratam is auspicious day for married women as it is performed to grant long life to their husbands, and…

Paneer Matar Makhni

Paneer Matar Makhni Paneer & Peas Curry Every time I buy paneer, I end up making simple paneer bhurji as its quick and tastes great with phulkas. Today I wanted to give extra attention to paneer and make something rich and creamy!! To make it healthy I am adding fresh green peas to the curry….