About Me

Hi there! Welcome to my blog. My name is shrivani, I am a telugu girl living in my favorite city Hyderabad. Major movie buff, Coffee addict, Self-proclaimed bookworm and I work as a marketing specialist full time!

I have been passionate about food all my life and I had spent some tinkering with camera too. My wonderful husband suggested that I should blend both my interests and make a food blog. And when ever I cooked for my friends and family I realized people loved my food and ask for recipes!  So, I decided to share them and started my blog, and I am enjoying the process of writing, cooking and clicking pictures.

My love affair with food has began when I was super young. My mom and dad are the best cooks I know and give them full credits for whatever little tricks I have picked up. I love my family to death and look up to them in everything I do. My sister and brother are my most loyal fans/followers of the blog. ❤

Thanks for stopping by and I also look forward to all your comments/suggestions on the blog. They are, what makes blogging, all the more enjoyable.

Do make yourself comfortable…I hope your stay here will be a pleasurable one.

– Shri

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