♡ Nutella ♡ Milkshake ♡

♡ Nutella ♡ Milkshake ♡




Milkshakes are one of my favorite desserts because they as so quick and easy to make. For the last few weeks, I have been going through a milkshake phase thanks to the summer! I always end up buying those small tetra packs of different milkshakes and store in the freezer.

So I have decided that let me make my own milkshakes because they are pretty easy to make and also I can explore different flavors. Today I am sharing a basic nutella milkshake. You can add a lot of different things as you know nutella tastes good with anything. So I have tried this with peanut butter, oreo cookies, strawberries and they tasted so much better than any store brought milkshakes.


Chilled Milk – 1 cup
Nutella – 2 tbsp
Vanilla Ice cream- 1 scoop
For garnish- Crushed dry fruits of your choice



Blend all the ingredients in a blender till frothy.

Pour into serving glass and enjoy.

Top with whipped cream and chocolate syrup if desired.

To garnish the glass-

Coat the rim of the empty glass with nutella using back of the spoon.

On a plate crush some dry fruits of your choice and dip the glass all over and get a swanky  glass to serve guests. Also if you wish store them in chiller for few minutes and then serve.


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