Water Melon Mojito-(Mocktail)


Water Melon Mojito-(Mocktail)

So already down here in Hyderabad, the days are sweltering! Its getting so HOT. All I want to do during afternoon is drink something cold and refreshing. Today afternoon, I whipped up these fun Watermelon Mojito to drink while we were cooking lunch and had a great time.

I had a watermelon mojito not that long ago, at a restaurant and the only thing I didn’t like about it was the little chunks of pulp that I kept sucking up through the straw. The flavor was fun, but I wanted a clearer drink, so since then every time I made the juice I strained it and removed all the pulp.

These could definitely be made without alcohol for a fun summer drink, but if you wish you can add Rum as I have heard from my friends it goes very well with lemon and mint. (I don’t drink, so not sure if there is anything else that tastes great with this combination)

Something different to try when you are bored with plain jane lemon juice. You make them more sweet or more tart by playing with the proportions of lemon and sugar as you wish.

Technically you need a muddler (See pic below) to make mock-tails like these at home, but back of a big wooden spoon would do the needful.



Mint leaves 5 to 10
Sugar 1/2 tsp
Lemon 1
Water melon juice
Salt- Pinch
Cumin Powder- Pinch
Frozen water melon cubes
Sprite/ginger ale/7 up


Chop mint leaves, cut lemon into small wedges, remove the seeds and keep aside. Freeze few watermelon balls/cubes to use instead of ice cubes. Makes it more flavorful.

In a tall glass, add lemon wedges, frozen water melon cubes, mint leaves, cupin powder and some sugar.

Using back of a wooden spoon crush them all to release their juice and to blend in the flavors.

Add water melon juice, sprite and mix well. I served them with a spear of lime wedge, mint leaf, and a watermelon ball.  I also dropped a couple more watermelon balls directly into the drinks.


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