Mixed Herb Garlic Bread (Cheat Version)

Mixed Herb Garlic Bread

(Cheat version)


Back to blogging after much needed break, I needed some time off to relax and do nothing for few days!!

No matter how serious life gets, you will constantly need the company of people whom you can completely be stupid with. My hubby dearest is that person in my life who brings the best out of me always. It was his birthday last week and I cooked him a lavish surprise dinner with everything he loves.
His smile just made my day and it made me realize how beautiful life is!


One of his all time favorite are these garlic bread, he can eat them all the time. Garlic bread is an ideal combination with soups,salad’s and pasta’s.I served it with yummy masala macaroni and it was delicious!If you are a Garlic lover like me,you would definitely love this dish…Turn your normal bread butter toast into an exciting easy snack.

Though there are lot of recipes online to make garlic bread from scratch by baking the bread also at home…I wanted to make something quick and easy. Thanks to Sanjeev Kapoor I got hold of his recipe and learned how to make easy garlic bread. This doesn’t take lot of time, or needs any heavy preparation.

Garlic Bread is perfect for those quick spicy snack cravings with hot cup of tea on a lazy evening 🙂
Traditionally garlic bread is prepared with french Baguette which has slightly crisp crust and softer inside but you can even prepare with regular bread or even a bun for this recipe.I used regular sandwich bread and it tastes yumm!


Garlic cloves- 10
Red chilli flakes – 1 tsp
Mixed Herbs -1 tsp
Butter-1/2 cup (Room temperature)
Cheese -1/2 cup shredded
Coriander leaves -1 tsp (Optional)
Pepper to taste
Salt to taste
Bread Slices as needed


Cut bread slices in roundels using a cookie cutter or any small bowl, you can always use the bread as it is too…I just wanted them to look even and fancy 😉

Make a coarse paste of garlic, you can also use finely chopped garlic. I personally prefer the paste as its easy to spread.

In a mixing bowl, add butter, garlic paste, mixed herbs, chilli flakes, pinch of salt, half of grated cheese and mix well till everything is combined.




Apply this paste on one side of the bread generously. Add some more cheese on top. Then place this on a heated tawa with the side that does not have the garlic butter first. Cook until the bottom has slightly crisped.





Grill them for 3 to 5 mins in oven. After Grilling, let it cool for 2 minutes and serve hot with spicy ketchup!




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